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Data is one of your key operational assets.

Because of its importance, data migration projects can make companies nervous, especially given the increasing complexity of data integration thanks to the number of file formats, the volume and the requirement to share existing data.

When is Data Migration necessary?

There are lots of reasons why the need for data migration can arise, whether:

  • You’re modernising your legacy system and need the data migrated from the old system over to the new one.
  • Your data needs to be synchronised between the old legacy system and new system so that a side-by-side system rollout can occur.
  • You’ve got a new business application and want to integrate the data from an older application.
  • You’ve acquired a new subsidiary, or you’re merging and you need data to be moved from many systems on to one.
  • You’re moving your IT platforms to the cloud to help scalability and require data and application migration.
  • You’re moving data from an existing server to a new or existing storage system, or you’re consolidating data centrally.

Our Data Migration Approach

Broadly speaking, the data migration phases we follow are:

  • design – identify existing data sources, determine the requirements of the new system and how the data will be converted.
  • extract – export all the data from existing source(s).
  • cleanse – review the data and identify data issues, remove redundant or duplicated data, identify incomplete data and correct inaccurate data.
  • load – import the cleansed data to the new system, either in one go or phased or in parallel.
  • verify – test the data and validate upload success.

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