We offer redesign and refactoring services, migration to newer platforms and technical architecture review.

Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. Hire our team to perform an in-depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and improve it with the latest tools and technologies.

Fed up with spending money on a slow legacy IT system that doesn’t perform? We’ll build you a powerful replacement that helps, not hinders your business.

Our team of developers deploy fast, dependable results.

We transform antiquated platforms into agile and efficient assets with our prolonged experience in legacy application modernization.

Application Modernization Approach

We know that it’s a big decision to replace your legacy software, and one that you absolutely need to get right for the future of your business.

With PGL you’re in safe hands. As a first step, we’ll spend time with you and your staff to understand your business, what your current system prevents you from doing, and what your new system needs to be able to deliver. This is crucial as the process of modernising your technology is unique to your individual company.

We can then either:

  • bring across certain functionality on to a new system that’s able to interface effectively with newer technologies
  • build you a completely new system with the option to “switch off” the old legacy system at the end of the process

Whichever option you choose, we’ll use the very latest, powerful technologies to build a blueprint for a system that drives efficiencies by:

  • controlling the input of data
  • streamlining how the data flows through the workflow stages
  • ensuring that your team completes tasks effectively
  • warning you when something appears abnormal
  • guiding the user through each task so nothing falls through cracks, is misinterpreted or incorrectly entered

The outcome will be an informed management, productive users and happy customers.

Tired of that old, clunky software?